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Why Broker24

Safe Trading - Best Returns

Automated trading

Our trading system is an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) trading bot that operates based on a combination of market-making and smaller hedge positions.

Risk management

There is not only one asset-pool in which tradings take place. This is due to reasons of security, oversight and to benefit from different trading strategies.

Algorithmic adaptability

Within the cutting-edge technologies of digital asset trading, Broker24 has developed its state-of-the-art solution through AI which adapts strategies permanently to the market conditions.

Maximum returns

Broker24 maximizes returns by trading the most liquid assets available like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

Trading history

For your transparency in our trades, we provide you with a time-delayed trading history reporting in the backend from the monthly trading activities.


For the protection of Investors and Broker24, KYC* and AML** checks are implemented.

*KYC or “Know Your Customer” is the process of verifying a customer’s identity.
In KYC, each client must provide credentials such as ID documents to use a company’s service.

**AML or “Anti Money Laundering" practice is broader than KYC, and it refers to measures used by financial institutions and governments to prevent and combat financial crimes, especially money laundering and terrorism financing.

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    Broker24 trading system involves various strategies, such as market-making, a momentum strategy and more. The principal idea in the market making, for instance, is to order liquidity on both sides of the order book (buy/sell). By providing liquidity on both sides of the order book, not only is the price action risk counteracted but it also creates the opportunity to hold an active position until the price has retraced a sufficient amount to exit in profit. So, any trades are closed in a loss. Broker24 system trades automatically 24/7 - 365 days per year at some of the top exchanges in the world such as the most liquid crypto exchanges Binance, BitMex & ByBit. The results over the past year were remarkable and possible due to the market behaviour of Bitcoin and the diversification of digital assets traded. Broker24 transferred a vivid market into opportunity and profitability.

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    AI-combined platform for our broker24 crypto trades. We also use an artificial intelligence algorithm to predict price trends in popular crypto markets. Based on this algorithm we analyze alternative data and use machine learning to generate trading signals. and implement them in our trading system below.

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    Trading system

    Our Broker24 Trading software is developed for different needs. We require it for Bitcoin and we also use it for Ethereum. For all the most popular currencies, there are specific bots & systems that include useful features and strategies. Broker24’s software is considered to be universally applicable. It is impossible to calculate all the possibilities and view all the correlations for every separate coin. That’s why we use individually different developed Bots & System.

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    The offer

    The combined design of the broker24 trading systems and technologies consistently results in highly attractive investment opportunities that are comparatively difficult to find on the crypto trading market. Broker24 just works.

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    As expected, our results are in proportion to our efforts in the development and pro-active management of the broker24 trading desk. We are not talking about a sprint race, it's about a marathon to generate constant weekly yields between 0.5% and 3.2%. We are balancing risk and reward conservatively and this is how it works. Week after week!

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    Distribution of earnings

    Broker24 pays every Wednesday on a weekly basis the profits generated from the previous week. the earnings from the previous week are distributed to the investors every week. Broker24 retains 35% of this as administration, affiliate and maintenance costs. 65% of the profits are distributed to the participants every week automatically.

Broker24 Bitcoin and Ripple Trading

Probably the safest trading strategy in the world!

Assets that are managed by Broker 24 are assessed according to their integrity and structured according to a special system.

How our Trading - Strategy works:

  • This weighting combines trading types such as leverage trading, market making, classic day trading of currencies and arbitrage trading.

  • Only about 55% of the assets are traded in active trading, while 45% of the assets are only in the stable market (crypto to USD).

  • In general, a stop-loss strategy is used that does not allow losses of more than 8% at all. In order to cover any losses that may occur, a specially established capital cushion is used to absorb losses in trading positions and thus guarantee the highest level of security for our customers. A total loss is therefore more than unlikely.

  • To round off our strategy, we use a special provision for backup capital, which is used for a complete recovery in an emergency.The strategy speaks for itself. In the history of our results, there was only one week of losses that was below 0.1%.

Use the experience of our experts and our professional strategy to perfect your portfolio.


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Historical returns

In the past, Broker24 has had a variable weekly rate of return of 0.5%–3.2%.