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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions have the force of a public offer and apply to all those who participate in the IOT GENIUS SDN.BHD. investment program, located at No.234, Jalana Desa, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur

1. General conditions

1.1 These Terms will only come into effect with the free and informed consent of Future IOT GENIUS SDN.BHD., hereinafter referred to as the "Company", and the person who, at the time of acceptance of these Terms of Use, has reached the age of adulthood in accordance with the laws of their country of residence, hereinafter referred to as the "Client", and which shall be accepted for execution in full, and in no case in part, without limitation, imaginary or explicit benefits or exceptions.

1.2 The essence of these Terms is that the Company undertakes the obligation to provide reliable and high-quality financial management services to the Client's investment funds. As well as providing information and consulting assistance and technical support directly related to the process of the investment program of the Company, implemented through the website located at the web address:, in the amount necessary for a productive, conflict-free interaction between the Company and the Client.

1.3 The Client, in turn, accepts the Terms and Conditions and all clauses without exceptions and in full, while assuming the obligation not to distort the essence and the very content of the current Terms and Conditions.

2. Registration

2.1 To become the Company's Client, an investor who has made such a decision must pass the registration procedure on the Company's website. Completion of the registration procedure is a confirmation of the fact that the interaction between the Client and the Company has started.

2.2 During personal account registration the Customer should fill in accurately and correctly all fields of the registration form and, having accepted the Terms, send this form. Submitting the registration data is a confirmation that the Customer has provided all the registration data correctly.

2.3 The Company, for its part, undoubtedly accepts these personal data for further processing and control of registration statistics, as well as assume responsibility for the safety of the data provided by the Client in complete and absolute confidentiality following the Company's Privacy Policy.

3. Investments

3.1 The Client is entitled to create investments with the Company's program using his funds and make deposits to any Company's investment offer/s available at the time of such investment.

3.2 Investing funds is a final transaction, and the invested money will not be returned to the Client until the expiry of the investment offer where the Client has placed the funds.

4. Financial password

4.1 In addition to providing the personal data to the system, the Customer receives the Financial Password - a combination of digits, which the Customer will have to use within his account to perform financial transactions, as well as activities aimed at changing and/or supplementing information about his payment data

4.2 The financial password cannot be changed or restored, as nobody other than the Client, knows it. The Company warns that in the event the Financial Password is lost, the Company will not be able to help to recover it, and thus the Client will lose control over their account, as well as the funds that may be there, irrevocably.

5. Risk position

5.1 If, for reasons beyond the Company's control, further investment activities become impossible, the Client can't be reimbursed. In such case, the Client has no right to demand compensation for possible losses from the Company's funds.

5.2 It is essential to clearly understand that any activity related to the investment may be subject to possible risks, and the consequences of these risks may be the loss of investment funds. By agreeing to the foregoing, the Client accepts the fact that he voluntarily transfers his funds to the Company for financial management and coincides with the conditions of not filing claims and demands for refunds and (or) compensations in cases where the funds lost not due to the fault of the Company or not due to the Company's unprofessional actions.

6. Dispute resolution

6.1 In cases where there are disputes or disagreements between the Client and the Company, the solution of these situations is carried out through bilateral negotiations, without admission of third parties in the negotiation process. Moreover, such negotiations shall be conducted until a fully complete settlement of the conflict situation, while respecting the interests of both parties.

7. Copyright

7.1 All content, be it graphics, text or any other information, as well as video and GIF-animation, text content, yetc., are the Company's exclusive intellectual property. Any references, word for word or deed citations, reposting of text in any volume, video, audio or text posting on the Internet, and reselling in general, must be accompanied by appropriate comments in a form that provides exhaustive details about the owner of these intellectual property rights.